Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

All rates are subject to the following charges:

Admin Fees Including insurance, fuel charges,
soft drinks and driver fees.

20% (applied automatically, non-negotiable)


10% (applied automatically, non-negotiable)

Parking Fees


Airport Representative Fees



All gratuities are non-negotiable and will automatically be added to the bill. Additional gratuities are welcome at your discretion.

No-Shows/Late Cancellation:
All no-shows and late cancellations will be billed the minimum charge of the vehicle. Cancellation numbers should always be given and noted. The client is responsible to ask for the cancellation number when an order is cancelled. If you do not have a cancellation number, you will be charged for the minimum of the vehicle. Cancellation must be made within the following guidelines to avoid cancellation charges

Rates and Minimums:

All rates, minimums, and policies are subject to change without notice and may vary for each

Awards Shows, Sporting Events, City Wide Events and Conventions:

All rates and minimums may vary during high demand events or dates. In addition, the following additional charges may be implemented; Coordinator Fees, Parking Fees, Radio/Phone Communication Rental Fees.